How to charge iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly

In today’s guide we see step by step how to recharge iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly following an easy and fast procedure suitable for everyone. We also recommend reading the guide that explains how to download music on iPhone XS and XS Max from the iTunes Store.

Let’s find out together how to charge your iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly with the appropriate Qi certified accessories. View a range of iPhone and iPad chargers on this website

iPhone 8 or later models have an integrated wireless charging function that allows an experience to say the least easy and intuitive. The back of the iPhone by all is made of glass and works 100% with all the Qi certified chargers available as accessories in the machines, hotels, bars, airports and in the various furnishing accessories. Qi is an open and universal charging standard from Wireless Powr Consortium – WPC -.

The market now offers many Qi certified chargers , including two new wireless charging bases from Belkin and mophie, which can recharge an iPhone with the latest version of the iOS operating system with power that can reach up to 7.5 Watts. You can read more on iPhone wireless charging on Apple’s website here

Recharge wirelessly, here’s how to do it

First of all you have to connect the charger to the power supply. Use the power supply that comes with the accessory or a power supply recommended by the same manufacturer so as not to make mistakes;
Place the charger on a flat surface or in another position always recommended by the manufacturer;
Place the apple phone on the charger with the screen facing up. For excellent performance, place the phone in the middle of the charger or in the position that the manufacturer always recommends;
The iPhone should now start charging a few seconds after being placed on the wireless charger;
You should see lightning in the status bar.
Charging iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly is child’s play . If you have any problems, do not hesitate to write to us in the comments box below.

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