Apple has a difficult task: selling the iPhone. Consumers spend more and more time with their cell phone before changing it and the prices of new models of more than US $ 1,000 do not help to convince them to buy a recent one.

The Cupertino company will try this year, through some new features, to make consumers want, willingly, to buy their new iPhone. This attempt will be directed by at least two versions of the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI), a name that is informally known to the successors of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. [19659005] The iPhone 11, possibly a 5.8-inch and a 6.5-inch one, will maintain a design very similar to the one we began to see with the iPhone X in 2017, but with some variants. In addition, we will see performance improvements, higher processor speed and perhaps more RAM, new connectivity protocols and more changes.

Look in detail, then everything we know about the iPhone 11; and remember to visit this page periodically, as we update it to add the latest information about new Apple phones.

iPhone 11: release date and price Release information is the latest revealed through reports and rumors, but Apple has launched a new high-end iPhone in the fall for several years, specifically in September, and there is no reason to Believe that this year the planning will move seasonally.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max, if they end up calling it that, would be presented in September and possibly prices will start at US $ 999 and US $ 1,100 just like current models. Apple is unlikely to lower its prices despite selling fewer phones than expected, so don’t expect the miracle of an iPhone at a lower price than they currently cost.

If something happens with prices, it may not be for the better. Being phones made in China, Apple could face a cell phone export tax from China, and the company would increase the price of cell phones to offset the payment of this tax, according to the Wall Street Journal. This price increase will depend on whether Donald Trump, president of the United States, decides to impose the supposed tax on China’s phones and other devices.

Three cameras â € ”and with 3D With the iPhone 11, Apple will join the trend of placing more cameras on the back of cell phones, and although the company will not lose its senses with the number of lenses, it will go to use three cameras on the back of at least one of these new models, supposedly for the iPhone 11 Max.

This would be the rear camera with three lenses on the iPhone 11

OnLeaks / Digit If the trio of cameras for a single model is confirmed, Apple will return to the strategy of promoting its largest and most expensive phone as the best camera system in its portfolio.

During the appearance of the double camera, Apple chose to place a camera for its smaller phone and two cameras for the larger ones, this made consumers who wanted a better camera opt for the Plus model. But with the XS, Apple does not make a difference in the camera system.

To increase sales of the larger model (which represents more revenue for the company), Apple would locate this three-chamber system, according to multiple reports. The three camera system would be similar to Huawei Mate 20 Pro even in the design and location of the cameras, at least as it appears in the concepts published on the Internet (see an example in the image inserted above). The rumors do not yet clarify the operation of these three cameras.

The Bloomberg news agency reinforced in January what it has been saying for some time: the successor model of the iPhone XS Max, possibly announced under the name of iPhone 11 Max, will be the only one that has the three cameras. He also reiterated that he expects the launch of three successor phones of the same number announced in 2018.

Design: Steel, glass and with a smaller notch 2019 could be a year to drastically change the design of the iPhone. but it is unlikely to happen. Instead, slight changes are expected, especially in the size of the eyebrow, tongue, notch or whatever you want to tell the controversial tab at the top of the iPhone screen and other phones.

According to rumors, technology has improved from 2017 to date to the point where the sensors that are in the eyebrow of the iPhone occupy less space, and now Apple has the possibility of reducing the size of the eyebrow in these new cell phones.

The rest of the cell phone body would remain like glass in front and behind, and with a reinforced steel frame. Some concepts devise an iPhone 11 with a similar finish to iPad Pro (2018) with square sides, but it is unlikely. More data will be provided during the following months and will be clarified if there is a new design on the iPhone 11. Of course, rumors say that the body will have IP68 water resistance certification. of the iPhone XS.

Bloomberg said in a report published in January that the design will be very similar, almost the same, to the iPhone XS; and the expected redesign will be for the iPhone 2020 that will also have a 3D camera on the back (similar to TrueDepth technology) and will use Sony technology (which was already announced by the Japan firm).

Improved specifications and new components The iPhone 11 will also have improvements to the chassis: between 3 GB and 4 GB of RAM; a processor (perhaps called A13) faster, more agile and with better artificial intelligence and security functions; compatible with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and the addition of the USB Type-C port, although the latter is one of the most dubious issues because some reports suggest it and others deny it.

Rumors do not mention anything (yet) about the new processor and the amount of RAM, but warn that Apple will place the USB Type-C port as it did with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The iPhone is the only relevant product in the company that has not yet added this peripheral that represents an improvement in both the loading speed and the ease of information transfer.

Rumors also mention compatibility with Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax). and although it is not detailed in details, it is obvious that the iPhone 11, to equip this technology, will have all the improvements offered by the new wireless connectivity standard.

The screen is another aspect that would have improvements. The reliable Asian medium ET News says that Samsung will produce a screen with Y-Octa technology consisting of the OLED screen and the touch panel on the same panel, eliminating the need to use a panel for the screen and another panel for touch functions, which allows Device to be thinner. Apple would use this new panel.

iOS 13 will present the dark mode

A concept of iOS 13 on the iPad presents a home screen where you can organize applications, not just icons

Jacob Rendina Of course, a new iPhone cannot arrive without new software and Apple already works on iOS 13, the version that will logically go to iOS 12. According to Bloomberg, iOS 13 will have new features and drastic visual changes.

The Dark Mode, which Apple officially adopted on its Mac with Mojave macOS, will reach iOS 13. The Dark Mode, or the Dark Mode in Spanish, obscures the entire interface to improve visibility at night or in low light conditions. Darkening the interface not only improves visibility at times, but can also help save battery life on cell phones with an OLED display.

Apple also prepares changes in iOS 13 specific to the iPad. Bloomberg says that iOS 13 will bring to the tablets a new home screen, a new file management system and an improved version of CarPlay, the iOS interface for cars.

More information: Apple will launch its latest iPhone with LCD in 2019 According to the Wall Street Journal, the 2019 iPhone XR will be Apple & # 39; s Last phone to use an LCD screen.

The 2019 iPhone would have a reverse charge Ming-Chi Kuo says, among other things, that the 2019 iPhone will allow us to charge other devices by placing them in its case.

The 2019 iPhone will keep the Lightning port without fast charging Although the iPad Pro and the Mac already have the USB Type-C port, the Lightning port will still be present on the iPhone 11, according to Macotakara.

The iPhone 11 Max will have three cameras and iOS 13 will come with Dark Mode Bloomberg published an extensive report on Apple’s plans for its next products, including a new basic iPad.

Apple would do the & # 39; notch & # 39; of the iPhone disappears in 2019: report citing & # 39; Industry sources a & # 39;, ET News says that Apple is analyzing the technology needed to get rid of the criticized tab.

The iPhone 11 will have Wi-Fi 6, better Face ID and three cameras Some of these specifications will only be for the successor of the iPhone XS Max, according to the analyst Barclays.

Apple plans to launch three iPhone models in 2019 We could see an updated iPhone XR, as reported The Wall Street Journal.

iPhone would hide Face ID on the screen The manufacturer AMS, Apple’s partner, announced the creation of a light and infrared sensor that goes behind the screen of a smartphone, reports Reuters.

The iPhone XI could look like a Huawei Mate 20 The Steve Hemmerstoffer filter, in alliance with an Indian site, published the first ago of the next Apple iPhone â € ?? and surely controversy will be unleashed.

The new iPhone will have USB Type C and Touch ID on the screen According to analyst Jean Baptiste of Atherton Research, the next iPhone would also have a smaller tab.

The iPhone 2019 will use a new Samsung OLED screen the new OLED screen will integrate the touch membrane, which will allow the cell phone to be thinner and lighter, according to ET News

The iPhone would have 3D features on the rear camera Bloomberg says Apple is investigating a technology to place third-dimensional features on an iPhone that would be launched in 2019.

The next iPhone will have the same IP68 resistance as the iPhone XS Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the new phones will not improve their resistance to liquids or dust. [19659042] The iPhone 2019 will also not have an on-screen fingerprint reader Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple is waiting for the technology to mature, regardless of whether its rivals in Android integrate authentication. iometrics

Apple will use OLED screens on all of its 2019 iPhones According to MacRumors, Apple will use OLED for its three iPhone models that will be released next year; In 2018 Apple will use OLED for two models.

The iPhone 2019 will have 3D functions in the rear camera An Asian report indicates that this system will work similarly to TrueDepth in the front camera of the iPhone X.

The iPhone with three cameras will arrive in 2019 Apple would launch a model with this set of cameras in the style of Huawei P20 Pro, according to Chinese reports. This is the second time this photographic system is reported.

Apple will place three cameras on the iPhone in 2019 Following in the footsteps of Huawei and the P20 Pro, Apple will place three cameras on at least one of its phones next year, according to Economic Daily News

Review of the Apple iPad Air Tablet (2019)

Heated soup. This year, Apple Air revived a product label that was thought already dead and put new hardware in an old case. The newly created tablet is positioned between the entry-level iPad and the Pro models and challenges Android’s high-end competition in terms of price. Our test will show if this is a successful recipe.

Case – iPad with aluminum unibody

The Apple iPad Air (2019) is available in three colors: silver, space gray and gold. Externally it is almost a twin of the iPad Pro 10.5 and is distinguished only by the lack of speaker grids on the upper edge and the lack of a projection of the camera, given that the iPad Air camera is flush with the aluminum case .

You can read about all Apple’s ipad models and releases here. In terms of lack of design elements compared to the 2017 Pro model, it is more reminiscent of the Air 2, but has a better display-surface ratio and a larger panel, giving it more surface to the display.

The quality of workmanship is very good. Because of the unibody design, there is almost no space between the materials and the tablet is really nice to hold in your hands. Unfortunately, aluminum and the glass surface are magnets for fingerprints. Despite the grease repellent coating, these surfaces are difficult to clean. The spaces between the iPad Air 3 materials are very narrow and uniform. You can buy ipad Air 3 cases  here

When you try to twist, the Apple tablet squeaks easily, and the pressure on the IPS display results in some slight wave formation. Even strong pressure on the back can lead to the same result. While the latter is quite unlikely to happen in everyday operations, keeping the iPad from the panel frame can actually lead to some form of

The tablet battery is integrated and cannot be replaced by the user. Furthermore, there is no protection against dust or water.

Connections – Lightning instead of USB-C

Unlike the new Pro models, the iPad Air (2019) does not offer a USB-C connection but continues to have a Lightning port, which with the corresponding optional adapters can also support USB, HDMI or card readers. The display can also be used with the first generation of Apple Pencil, but these are not included. Through the Smart Connector it is also possible to connect an optional cover for the keyboard.

Although the iPad Air does not offer the NFC function, Bluetooth 5.0 is present and continues to have a full audio port (3.5 mm).

Software – In the iPad Air we find the usual things

At the time of our test, iOS 12.2 is installed on the Apple iPad Air (2019) and, thanks to Apple’s exemplary update policy and the modern SoC, there should be regular updates in the coming years.

Like all other Apple tablets, iPad Air also offers multitasking, which works well in our test and only rarely causes some minor babbling. On the other hand, resizing the operating system continues to leave much to be desired.

Cameras – Not modern but usable

Like all other current Apple tablets, the iPad Air (2019) also uses a 7 MP (f / 2.2.2) front camera. However, it does not have a TrueDepth sensor, so you need to give up features like portrait mode. During the day, the recordings are quite good, even if the auto-HDR function does not always work reliably. You can learn More About iPhone Wireless Charger

The main camera seems to be identical to that of the iPad (2018) and probably also comes from the remaining stocks of the iPhone 5S. It was a great camera in its time in 2013, but it is far from modern photography by current standards. In daylight, the recordings succeed quite well, offering a balanced image composition. Only in slightly scarce details or occasionally pixelated edges, the 8 MP limit becomes evident. with little surrounding light, the optic reaches its limits and gives in the dark.

With both cameras, videos can best be recorded in Full-HD (1080p, 30 FPS) and offer decent quality in good light conditions.

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How to charge iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly

In today’s guide we see step by step how to recharge iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly following an easy and fast procedure suitable for everyone. We also recommend reading the guide that explains how to download music on iPhone XS and XS Max from the iTunes Store.

Let’s find out together how to charge your iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly with the appropriate Qi certified accessories. View a range of iPhone and iPad chargers on this website

iPhone 8 or later models have an integrated wireless charging function that allows an experience to say the least easy and intuitive. The back of the iPhone by all is made of glass and works 100% with all the Qi certified chargers available as accessories in the machines, hotels, bars, airports and in the various furnishing accessories. Qi is an open and universal charging standard from Wireless Powr Consortium – WPC -.

The market now offers many Qi certified chargers , including two new wireless charging bases from Belkin and mophie, which can recharge an iPhone with the latest version of the iOS operating system with power that can reach up to 7.5 Watts. You can read more on iPhone wireless charging on Apple’s website here

Recharge wirelessly, here’s how to do it

First of all you have to connect the charger to the power supply. Use the power supply that comes with the accessory or a power supply recommended by the same manufacturer so as not to make mistakes;
Place the charger on a flat surface or in another position always recommended by the manufacturer;
Place the apple phone on the charger with the screen facing up. For excellent performance, place the phone in the middle of the charger or in the position that the manufacturer always recommends;
The iPhone should now start charging a few seconds after being placed on the wireless charger;
You should see lightning in the status bar.
Charging iPhone 8 or later models wirelessly is child’s play . If you have any problems, do not hesitate to write to us in the comments box below.

Guide On How it works Find My iPhone

Here is a guide for newbies (and non) to the use of Find My iPhone

If you bought an iPhone or a new iPad, you certainly noticed that the moment you set it up, you are asked to activate Find My iPhone. Read this article on Find My iPhone for more information

The most experienced will already know what it is, a system that at one time blocks the restoration of the iPhone and its reactivation and at the same time allows it to be found: in short, it looks for the iPhone. Functions that we have extensively tested here at as we tell you in an article describing a mishap with Find My iPhone in the middle and we strongly advise you to read.

Once you have finished reading, you should have no doubts as to whether or not it is worth activating it, and this is where this guide helps you to answer the basic questions: how to do it. If you have not had the patience or the heart to go to the bottom of the above story, then go down and you will understand why Find my iPhone, as it is called in English and how it could be known by someone of those who follow us, serves all those who have an iPhone or an iPad.

Find my iPhone, what it is

What is Find my iPhone says the name itself: basic is a “find iPhone”, a system to identify where your phone is located and possibly if you are also asked to someone else by people who have lost it or been stolen. Despite the name, it also works with iPad and there is also a Mac version (Find My Mac). The principle on which it operates is that of identifying the device using GPS, when available, the triangulation of the cellular telephone towers and the reading of the distance from a Wi-Fi access point. Thanks to Find My iPhone (or Find My Mac) our device tells iCloud the coordinates of its location and allows you to track it. This is extremely useful both if your phone, tablet or PC has been lost, or if, worse, it has been stolen.

Since the introduction of iOS 7, Find my iPhone includes, on iPhone and iPad, also a second function that is automatically activated with the activation of the device retrieval function, it is an Activation Block. In practice, without deactivating Find My iPhone, it becomes impossible, without knowing the iCloud login and password, as follows:

To protect your iphone and ipad you can get a range of covers and cases. View them by clicking on this link.

Turn off Find my iPhone on your device
Initialize the device
Reactivate and use the device
If your iPhone was lost, whoever found it or got it, would have a mobile phone that will tell you its location every time it is turned on. Nor will it be possible to restore it and reconfigure it to sell it as a used one.

Find my iPhone as it activates

If you have skipped the activation procedure when switching on, to turn on Find My iPhone you will need to have an Apple ID, basically the login and password you use to buy on iTunes. Once you are registered (but it is likely that you already are because you may have done so when configuring the phone),

Go to General Settings -> iCloud and touch Find My iPhone.
Inside this configuration panel you will find the switch to turn on the service
Below is another switch, rather important, which represents introduced several time ago, with iOS 8: Send last position. Activating it, you will tell iPhone to tell iCloud its last location before the battery runs out. This is very important if the phone or Mac has been lost somewhere and you notice it is lost only after the battery is finished. Obviously the device may have been moved later to the end of the battery, but at least you will have a track to start from.

In the Mac the option is activated by going into the system preferences and then in iCloud and activating the Find My Mac service

The Best Small Tablet Apple iPad mini review (2019)

Let’s face it: iPad Mini 5 is not a revolution compared to the past, despite the past here is remote. 4 years, which in the world of technology are a geological era. Yet if iPad Mini is so similar to the past it is because, anticipating the conclusion, iPad Mini is a product that has no competition and that is updated only to maintain the status of unbeatable.


If the design is identical with respect to the past, what is important is definitely the hardware. We have an important update that brings the 2.5 GHz Apple A12 hex core processor, along with as much as 3 GB of RAM and 64 or 256 GB memory cuts, obviously not expandable as usual. click here view iPad Mini 5 accessories and cases

Also present is the iPhone Neural Engine. In addition, the Cellular version has been updated with support for LTE Gigabit networks. Wi-Fi is dual band ac and Bluetooth is 5.0. Unlocking, as on iPad 2018, remains the classic TouchID, reliable and accurate. Given the space available in the frame, and the selling price, even the FaceID release would have been welcome. There is still the audio jack and the lightning port. No USB-C which remains exclusive to the latest iPad Pro . Don’t Forget To See iPhone XR Review


Once again we don’t talk too much about the iPad camera. The main camera is an 8 megapixel 2.4 / 2.4 . Fair in good light conditions. Its greatest asset here is to be small enough (in physical terms) not to create any extra thickness on the body.

The front camera is also discreet and is a 7 megapixel ƒ / 2.2. It is a camera more than sufficient for FaceTime calls or for some snaps on the fly.


iPad Mini 5 (2019) has a nice 7.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Therefore, the resolution does not change and neither does the format, which obviously remains the 4: 3 format, so much appreciated in this product range.

However, we have true tone support that adapts the screen color to ambient light, DCI-P3 color space support and an excellent anti-reflection treatment.


While waiting for the next iPadOS 13 that will significantly change the look and functionality of the iPad operating system, we currently have iOS 12.3.1installed on the iPad Mini 5.

It is the usual Apple operating system that we have long learned to recognize and appreciate on many different devices, with its strengths and weaknesses. Among the merits surely the speed and simplicity, always the workhorse of the Cupertino company. Despite the much smaller screen than the other iPads,

we also find here all the functions (or almost) related to multitasking. In fact, we have the possibility to use many apps with side overlays compared to the main app, or to place two in the middle of the screen. And some apps also support video playback in windows, above other applications. In addition, the great novelty of iPad Mini 5 is Apple Pencil support (first generation).

If I had to express my preference I would say that Pencil is a product that gives the best of itself on a display larger than this, but many instead could not wait to be able to take notes on the fly with Pencil even on iPad Mini. The answer therefore is obvious: better to have the support than not to have it.

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Apple iPhone Xs Max: review & Specs

Last year, Sept. 12, Apple introduced the world to the new iPhone X. This special device, which marked the 10-year existence of Apple’s smartphone, hit the market with great news.

Exactly 365 days later, the Cupertino company returned to Steve Jobs Theater to reveal three new iPhones: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. It is the largest and most expensive of this family that today we will speak in another detailed analysis.

The natural evolution of iPhone X

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage of Macworld to present the iPhone to the world. This true smartphone has revolutionized as many industries as it has created and over the years Apple has dedicated itself to perfecting it.

But if the iPhone was already an excellent device, which serves as the term of comparison for its opponents, last year the iPhone X came to set the bar even higher. And in our analysis, we came to the conclusion that it was really the best of them all. You can read about all Apple’s iPhone models and releases here.

Of the news that arrived with the iPhone X, the design was the one that gave more to speak and this happened for several reasons. The notch came into force in the lives of many people and managed to divide the audience. But if on the one hand made the front of the iPhone weird, on the other hand allowed the inclusion of Face ID, an advanced technology that ensures the security of the device.

Today there are still many people who do not support the monocle, but for many it has become part of the identity of the device that has won a new OLED screen long required by the public. Undoubtedly, the iPhone X was not just “another iPhone”. It was a big step in the history of Apple’s smartphone and that marked the trend for the following years.

The iPhone XS Max, currently under review, is proof of that. Is the new “best iPhone ever”? Certainly. It’s perfect? Maybe not.

General features

The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch OLED screen and is the largest screen ever placed on an iPhone.

Like the iPhone X, the XS Max model screen covers most of the front surface of the iPhone, about 85%, with the exception of the notch, which continues to mark the area where the TrueDepth camera is embedded in the system Face ID authentication.

The iPhone XS Max features the Aion Bionic 7-nm A12 processor developed by Apple and designed to withstand the most demanding tasks, ranging from video editing and gaming to applications that take advantage of Augmented Reality. This smartphone has 4 GB of RAM and, as far as storage is concerned, it is available in 64 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB versions. You can buy iPhone XS max cases here

Installed on this iPhone comes iOS 12 , a refined version of the Apple operating system and with quite a few improvements in performance, which provides an excellent user experience. Applications open quickly and the timeout does not exist.

It has a dual rear camera system of 12 MP, one with f / 1.8 aperture and another, the telephoto, has a f / 2.4 aperture. On the front of the iPhone is the True Depth 7MP camera with a f / 2.2 aperture.

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See review of the Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR is the budget-friendly model of the year 2018. There are three iPhone was launched by the technology brand. But the XR series model is the cheaper handset than two other iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS phones, respectively. The color variant is the main material in the iPhone XR spec. In another talk, we can say that it upgraded the hardware than the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 of the previous generation. That’s it.

The company discontinued the recent iPhone X to focus on three new models: iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max , and iPhone XR , the latter simpler, without AMOLED display, and with a number of annoying camera limitations . Incidentally, his production also suffered with some problems, making him reach the market one month after the most robust brothers. view iPhone accessories here

All this has already led some analysts to review the expectation of the launch, as it was discovered that Apple itself had requested a reduction in the request to its suppliers. view iphone XR cases by clicking this link If it was previously expected to sell 100 million units in the next fiscal year, the number plummeted to 70 million .

Now, we begin the story of today’s iPhone XRReveja. Yes, the main point are reviews because of the many brands of smartphones and their model available in the market. And so the buyer confidently confused when going to buy a new phone. And before buying the money value phone, look at product reviews. So here are the reviews on the iPhone XR taken from the site or from the most popular publications in the media.

Apple iPhone XR Review; Clear answer, the new iPhone XR worth buying?

With style and substance, the “economical” iPhone XR is the iPhone to buy

The iPhone XR is a solid choice if you want what the top iPhones offer without the main price.

The Apple iPhone XR got an incredible review score ( 4.5 out of 5 ) by digital trends. It means excellent in every way, has no major drawbacks and is at the top of its category.


view iphone and ipad accessories by clicking here

Beautiful colorful design
One day battery life
Great performance
Strong camera
Easy to use software


The iPhone XR is the best iPhone of the year. Yes, the iPhone XS and XS Max have better screens and more versatile cameras, but none of them looks as gorgeous as the XR in yellow, blue or coral. The iPhone’s XR (pronounced “ten-R”) is also significantly more affordable and carries many of the best features of the banner holders. It’s unquestionably superb at $ 750, especially if you’re still looking for an iPhone and the price of $ 1,000 on the XS is knocking you down. view iPhone accessories here

He says that the Apple iPhone XR in yellow color is better to buy and if you buy this then you will not be disappointed.

Here’s the best place to buy iPhone XR Unlocked